stress=thrush and other sympotms?


After reading some of your answers to previous questions, it seems to me that people's minds are causing their body's to manifest symptoms that mimic hiv infection. Have you seen patients who are hypochondriacs manifest symptoms and then not believe the tests results. I read that people with emotional disorders and who are generally stressed out can come down with symptoms such as thrush which would terrify the person even more. If you look up "thrush" on the web all it talks about is oral manifestations of hiv infection. I know you are not a physician, but wondered if you had any empiracal evidence from your own practice suggesting that stress could cause thrush. I believe that when you are stressed it causes your blood sugar to increase which makes you more susceptible much like with diabetics. I thought that this might ease the minds of some of those who read your column.


I have not in my practice actually seen individuals who have come down with Thrush which is Oral Candiasis just from stress. Some people do manifest psychogenic symptoms of stress which are real symptoms like headaches, stomach and bowel problems and dermatological difficulties from stress and being highly anxious. Michael Shernoff, MSW