Stress of people living with HIV/AIDS


How to distinguish between stress manisfestation and effect of virus HIV on people living with HIV/AIDS?


Thanks for writing. It is impossible to identify a clear differentiation between stress caused by the effects of living with the virus and that created by the virus itself. Body and mind are integrated in such a way that there is constant interplay between physiological issues and psychosocial stressors.

Ultimately, the cause of the stress is not as important as what to do about it. Stress is a very real condition experienced by anyone living with the virus and one's ability to control it will have an impact on physical health. Some key methods to reduce stress include physical activity, finding some daily quiet time for relaxation or meditation, developing a spiritual life, and remaining socially connected.

You are not alone in trying to manage stress. I urge you to reach out and contact others with HIV and share with them what you do for stress and, hopefully, get some other ideas with how to manage it.

Be well,