A strange and scientifically doubtable information?


Hello Dr.!

I'm a dedicated follower and supporter of this website, which I think is a guiding light in terms of HIV/AIDS counselling and information. And since we are all at pontential risk, I must ask for your guidance on the following subject: I heard from a friend who is a nurse that it's not safe to use the same condom both in oral in vaginal intercourse. He said that, during oral sex, the condom may get weakened or get cuts and bruises that will let HIV pass in the subsequent vaginal intercourse. Is this true? I'm a 32 year-old heterossexual male and I've been using the same condom at the same time and in both acts since i lost my virginity (about 16 years ago...). I would appreciate very much an answer based in your huge knowledge and experience, because this information (rumour?) has really knocked me out with uncertainty. Specially because it comes from a professional health carer...

Thank you very much for your attention!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and all your loved ones!



When it comes to poles and holes, it is recommended a separate condom (latex or polyurethane) be used for each hole into which you plunge your pole. The main reason is not related to the traumatic damage to the condom, but rather to the possibility of transferring "germs" from one locale to another. For instance, using the same condom for vaginal sex following a bout of anal sex could cause a vaginal infection (bacterial vaginosis, for example).

My advice is to stock up with a Costco-sized supply of condoms and use them liberally (and properly)!

Happy Holidays. Be well. Stay well. Noel?

Dr. Bob