Stomach Bloating - Trapped Air?


What should I do about constant stomach bloating, which also comes with minor nauseau.......the stomach bloating is not too bad but it is with me all the time, my stomach never seems to be not bloated, though when I pass gas or burp it feels much better, there must be aired trapped inside - how do I get all of this trapped air out of my stomach? Thanks. Tim


Hi Tim! The best thing to do about a problem is to get rid of the cause. There is always a risk versus benefit in each decision you make. So, while you can do a few things to reduce the problems you are having with stomach bloating, spend a few moments discussing potential reasons with your doctor and dietitian to look for causes and see how reasonable it is to eliminate these culprits. Some suggestions include reducing fat and fiber in the diet and learning how to eat without swallowing air. You can also try the grazing method of eating: eating smaller meals and snacks more often. If the problem is side effects from a new set of medications, these effects may calm down after a while. Try the diet recommendations first. If that doesn't work well enough, you can be checked for the common problem of malabsorption that can cause bloating. Ask your doctor fro some medication recommendations in that case. They may include medications for the symptom of gas and bloating or medications to address malabsorption.