still worry about lap dance


Hello dr.Bob.How are you doing these days?I hope you doing well.Even though I completly dissagree with you politicly,I steel love you and i think you doing great service for all those worryed people and morons sach as myself. GOD BLESS YOU MAN. You gave me an answer before ( i am still worry if my 3 months negative test was conclusive. So i got tested again at 5 month . I know You said that it was no risk of geting hiv from a lap dance and 3 month test is conclusive but for some reason i keep freaking out about this insident and i am desperate for an answer.1)Can a surgery 2 weeks prior to a 3 month test delay antibody development? 2)Have you ever witness anybody tested negative at 5 month and positive at 6 months? Thanks so much and sorry for my poor spelling.



  1. No.

  2. No, not with the newer improved HIV-antibody tests.

My assessment remains unchanged. Your negative five-month HIV test result comes as no surprise.

Finally, I absolutely agree your spelling is horrendous!

Dr. Bob