Still worried and going in for test


Dr. Bob,

I had 1st HIV test three weeks after encounter and nother at 5.5 months out (EIA 1/2 w/ reflex AB) all NON-REACTIVE. I AM GOING IN FOR A THIRD ONE since I need to get blood work for routine checking and I thought I may as well take the opportunity.

Question: is it likely that this one could come back positive? any chances? Reason for this third test is not only insanity (I am guilty of that) is because of rapid weight loss, loss of apetite, not feeling well at all. The whole thing with the window period is driving me crazy!!!! You'll probably tell me I need professional help; even so please answer!

I need your whoowhoo!



Your negative HIV EIA at 5.5 months was definitive and conclusive. HIV is not your problem. No way. No how. No additional testing is needed. However, if you do retest, the result will undoubtedly and very predictably still be negative.

Stop worrying and start WOO-HOOing.

Dr. Bob