still worried


Good day Doctor,

I have sent you already three E-mails regarding my testing period. PCR HIV 1 and PCR HIV 2 after 3.5 month and ELISA test after 4 month and 1 week ater day "0". All NEGATIVE. As I mentioned soon I will not be able to receive or send any E-mails. Pls. help me and send your opinion if this is enough to be sure that I am not infected or should I have to do another test after 6 month. Thank you, and wait for your ansver desperately. Christopher.


Hello Christopher,

Your question is very similar to many others I've already answered. That is why I have not responded. Check the archives!

Briefly, barring extenuating circumstances, a negative ELISA at three months or longer from the time of your last potential exposure would be considered definitive. PCR testing is not routinely recommended for HIV screening. (Your negative PCR results further corroborate your HIV-negative status.) No further HIV testing is warranted.

Dr. Bob