Still up to date? Guilt and anxiety for taking son to get haircut is killing me!


Dear Ms. Breuer,

My 4 year son was nicked or "pinched" by an electric hair clippers/trimmers last month and I have worried about it ever since. When we got to the haircut place (fun kid place where they get to watch videos while they get their haircut) I believe we were the only clients there although the hairdresser said they had been busy that day. Anyway...I asked the hairdresser if they sterilize the clippers and she sprayed them with something and continued cutting my son's hair. When she got the trimmers out she didn't spray those. It was the very end of the cut. Probably 10-15 minutes later. Anyway...after the haircut I checked my son for any nicks or scrapes. I saw two small red dots/scratches on the back of his neck. He thinks the trimmers tickle and he tenses up a bit. Anyway...the nicks were small (size of a pin head or so) but they were there. I know most moms probably don't even check for things like this.

I guess my hope is that your Q and A from 2001 is still up to date? If you could please confirm that you would make this mother's year!!!! Thank you so much!!!

Here is the post I am referring to...

"electric hair clippers Sep 30, 2001 dear nancy

can you please tell me if it is very dangerous to have been cut with a pair of electric hair clippers at the hairdressers that I know do not get sterilised from person to person. my son was nicked and I have worried myself sick since. regards

worried mum

 Response from Ms. Breuer

First, if the hairdresser doesn't sterilize equipment, you might consider finding another hairdresser. No one is going to acquire HIV from electric hairclippers, but there are other conditions your son could acquire from unsterilized clippers that nick him.

HIV in dried blood on hairclippers is not going to be infectious. But hepatitis B in dried blood on hairclippers could be in the situation you describe. I'd say it's worth traveling a little further to find a more conscientious barber.

Please put yourself at ease about the HIV question. Not a risk."


Yes, that answer is still valid. Thank you for doing some research before asking your question.

Please ease your anxiety. And yes, I would still seek a more conscientious barber/hairdresser. But any risk to your son from what you describe approaches zero.