stiff neck for 5 months


Dear Doctor,

Ive tested 3 times in a period of 8 months since my last exposure. All Negetive. But Ive had this constant pain on both sides of my neck (stiffness) that wont go away (no other symptoms) I have gone to my medical doctor, and a chiropractor. My medical doctor gave me muscle relaxers and it seemed to control it for about a month. But unfortunatly came back. I then went to a chiropractor, he took an xray and he said that my neck bone was straight (supposed to be curved) and he told me that the pain was common with this condition. The odd thing is that I dont ever remember hurting my neck, so im skeptical about that. Is this a common symptom for HIV infection?? Could it be my Lymph Nodes that are causing the pain?? (they are not swollen) But is it possible to have pain without them being swollen? Im sorry for babbling on......I just dont know who to turn to anymore. Please give me some insight on my problem if you can.

Thank You,

Concerned :(


Your symptoms are nonspecific and are not related to HIV infection. MH