STD' s and HIV TEST Results


Hi Dr Bob

I have been sick for over the pass ten years with so many HIV sympthoms. Let me start by say that back in 1997 I selpt with a long time girlfriend whom I trusted without a condom, but after the act I found out was she was on her period, but she neglected to tell me. But anyway I have Herpes simplex and was wondering if this has been why I have continued for the last 10 years to test negative on all my HIV test. My symptoms are as follow: Rashes, night sweats, hot flashes, joint pains, nausea, groin pains, and I notice that I easily catch colds. Please jelp mewith these concern and offer guiduance. Thanks



Please "jelp" you? OK, the first thing I should jelp you with is spelling and grammar. Using the spell check function on your computer is a start and should eliminate common errors like jelp, pass, sympthoms, selpt, etc.

Next, as to why you have a variety of common nonspecific symptoms but continue to test HIV-antibody negative over the past decade, that's easy! The answer is that your symptoms are not caused by HIV! In essence, you are HIV negative because you don't have HIV! Simple, eh? The fact is that a negative HIV test outside the window period trumps "symptoms" each and every time. HIV is not your problem. No way. No how. Stop testing! You are only wasting time, energy, blood and money!

I cannot diagnose the exact cause of your various symptoms over the Internet, but I can with absolutely certainty advise you what is not causing them: It's not HIV!

I would suggest you follow up with a good internist to evaluate any persistent or recurrent symptoms you may be experiencing. If no physical cause can be determined, you should be evaluated for psychosomatic illness. You've spent the last decade worried that you may have HIV. That can take a toll on anyone's psyche!

Good luck. Remember HIV is not your problem, OK?

Dr. Bob