STD Pictures: A message of thanks


Dear MR. Sowadsky

I would like to thank you for posting the photographs of the STD's online (What Do the Symptoms of STDs Look Like? Warning: This webpage contains pictures that are very graphic.). I searched for over an hour to find an image of genital warts, and yours was the first I came across. Sometimes a verbal description full of medical-ease isn't enough. In addition to that, they scare the hell out of you.


Hi. Thank you for your comments. The reason I posted these pictures is to give people a general idea of what some of the more common STDs look like. These STDs can be scary to look at, and can be even scarier when you see them on your own body.

As a general rule, see a doctor if:

  1. you have a burning sensation when you urinate (pee).

  2. you have an unusual discharge.

  3. you have any types of unusual growths or lesions, whether they hurt or not.

  4. you have an unusual odor or itching in the genital area.

  5. you have had sex with a person known to have (or suspected or having) an STD, even if you do not have any symptoms yourself.

  6. you have put yourself at risk for HIV or any other STD.

  7. you have any symptoms that are not going away, or are very severe.

  8. you have any symptoms that are similar to those found on the posting What Do the Symptoms of STDs Look Like?. Warning: This webpage contains pictures that are very graphic.

It is also important that if you see any unusual growths, lesions, discharges, etc., on your sexual partner(s), that you do not come in contact with these. You should tell your partner(s) to see their doctor if they have any unusual symptoms at all.

In addition, it is possible to have an STD and have no symptoms at all. If you have been at risk for STDs, please see your doctor regardless of whether you have symptoms or not. And just because your partner(s) may not have any symptoms, this does not necessarily mean they do not have an STD. Only an examination by a doctor, and laboratory tests, can determine if a person has an STD or not.

If you have any further comments or questions, please feel free to e-mail me at "" or call me at (Nationwide). I'm glad to help!