Status Question


Doctor Bob, Happy Holidays. I have a few questions regarding my status. I believe 95%that I am negative based on my tests results, however i do question my status somewhat due to an ongoing white tongue issue.
I have tested negative a 3 month with a finger prick rapid test and an Elisa test. I have have tested negatvie at 6 months with a a rapid test and Elisa as well. In addition I had a rapid test at a year as part annual tests and that as well was negative. So I feel like I want to truly woo-hoo but I am hesitant becasue of this white tongue issue. After my year test, I went to see two ENT's to figure out the white tongue issue and sinus problems. The first doctor stated that it was thrush and put me on nystatin and then stomatitis as the nystatin was not working. I went to see another physician in the same practice as the first physician moved out of town. the second physician indicated that I did not have thrush and took me off the medication with the statement, I see no reason why you would have it. He also stated that my white tongue was a natural variant. With that in mind, here are my questions: How easily is thrush diagnosed? Are there diagnostic tests that can determine thrush? All of the physicians I have seen including my PC who's primary practice is with HIV and AIDs clients simply looked at my tongue. No tests just a visual observation/assessment. Is thrush easily determined.
Becasue I see the white tongue every morning, I question my status and then wonder is there any reason why after all my tests that I could not have developed antibodies that would be detected by the rapid or elisa tests out to a year? Is the white tongue issue, just playing with my head and simply causing stress which could be then inturn be casuing the white tongue issue? Please help. I have dontated in the past and will donate again to help the foundation. I just really want to put this to rest or have guidance to help me take the next step. Thank you for your time.



  1. Thrush is often over-diagnosed. It's not difficult to diagnose, but there are other causes for white tongue that can be confused with thrush as the diagnosis is often made by examination only.

  2. ENT physicians are usually quite good at visual diagnosis of thrush. I would tend to believe that the second ENT doctor you saw was correct, particularly because the nystatin didn't quickly clear the problem up.

  3. There is no reason to question the validity of your HIV-antibody tests. Whatever is causing your white tongue, one thing is certain: it's not HIV. No way. No how. Stop worrying about a disease you could not possibly have.

Be well. Happy Holidays.

Dr. Bob