starting to worry again


Dear Dr.Bob about 10 years ago I was forced to perform oral on a streetwalker. I did see her clean her vagina prior but am still worried that I contracted HIV from her at the time.About 10 months from that I jaundiced my liver from heavy drinking and the doctor told me he wants to test for Hep C.I told him I wanted to get tested for HIV too cause I am worried about it . Well all test came back Neg and about 3 years again I had penetrative sex with a streetwalker and the condom slipped off . I in a rush put it back on and ejaculated and later thought I might of put it on inside out. Now this happened in 1999 about. Here is my question I have had blood test where they say I have a high Bilirubin and red blood cell count. I think its called gilberts syndrome. and lately I have been getting sore throats ear infections and skin rashes . Everytime I look this up online they say it can be related to HIV. These two instances are the only sexual contact I have had in the last 10 years for fear of getting enfected or infecting someone. I know the real way to tell is to get a test but I have been frozen in fear. I plan to make a donation just as soon as I can . Your service is a great help to all us out there thanks for your repsonse in advance ..

Chronically worried


Hello Chronically Worried,

"Forced to perform oral on a streetwalker?????" Hmmm . . . sounds a bit improbable, but OK.

You've only had sex twice in 10 years??? WOWZA, no wonder you're "heavy drinking!" And so you "know" the only real way to determine if you are HIV positive is to have an HIV test, but you haven't taken one because you are "frozen in fear." I'm not sure exactly what you would like me to do for you. "Defrost" you so you'll regain your common sense perhaps? Your HIV risk remains very low. Your "forced" oral experience did not transmit HIV, because you tested HIV negative 10 months after the experience. That leaves only the insertive sex with a streetwalker, during which the condom slipped off briefly. (And you are worried you put it back on inside out.) This overall HIV risk is extremely low.

Your symptoms, including Gilbert's syndrome, are not worrisome for HIV ARS. I see no reason for your fear freeze! Your anxiety and HIV worries are way out of proportion to any real HIV-transmission risk. I would suggest you seek help in dealing with your irrational HIV fears and anxiety so that you can get tested. The odds are all in your favor that you did not get infected from this streetwalker incident.

I strongly suggest you:

  1. Stop drinking.

  2. Get treatment for anxiety.

  3. Get your definitive HIV test.

  4. Learn more about HIV transmission and safer sexual practices so that you'll be able to enjoy sex rather than have it be such an anxiety provoking experience.

Dr. Bob