Starting HIV Treatment to Replace Bad Memories With Good Ones

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Nombeko Cynthia Mpongo
Nombeko Cynthia Mpongo

It was 16th August 2006, on a very cold Wednesday. I had to write down the names of my own pills in my folder, as I was experiencing the lack of human resource in our country. My meds were d4T, 3TC and stocrin (efivarenz). My friend looked at me and said, "Is it that time already?" I smiled and said, "Yes it is, I am getting my life back on track."

I started the pills exactly at 19h00 when SABC Zulu news started. It was a good experience, having chosen that specific date to start. It was the exact same date I got HIV in my body in a brutal gang rape. Choosing that date helped me forget about rape and only had in mind what to do next that I have my life again. When I was raped in 1997, there was no treatment and also when I was diagnosed after several tests there was no treatment in my country except for very sick people who were on trials.

I am happy that I am still taking my same first pills and now with the better version after phasing out d4T with TDF. I am happy and living my life as always!!

Nombeko Cynthia Mpongo is a guest blogger from South Africa.

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