Starting my 1st treatment -question 2


Thank you for your reply doctor Young , i have another question , as i stated earlier , my cd4 count is around 55 , and i started treatment , just wondering , i feel fine , but im very worried as i know that my cd4 count is critical , what can i do till the meds take effect , as my increased worry is that i get sick and dont recover? Thank you in advance for yor kind answer


Hello and good to hear back from you.

It's very good that you feel fine on your treatments. While you're waiting for your immune system to recover, I'd work on developing excellent adherence skills, and communication with your care provider.

Also, this is a good time to begin working on preventive medical evaluation and care. This would include recommended vaccinations, mental health and substance use evaluations (ie., reduce or quit tobacco), cancer and cardiovascular disease risk screening.

An excellent reference for HIV primary care guidelines can be found

Hope that's helpful, and stay in touch, BY