To start with Trizivir and Viread


I am 32yr old female hiv pos. I want to start treatmentn with trizivir and viread.My question are: 1 What is the current data on this regime in general? 2 What is the daily dose of each drug? 3 If the dose of viread is once a day,which time is better to take it,morning or evening? thank in advance, Rig.


Thanks Rig for your questions.

I'd talk to your doctor about currently recommended treatment regimens-- I'm personally not a big fan of the Trizivir/tenofovir regimen that you've listed, primarily because of the lack of significant clinical studies data that demonstrate potency or durability.

That said, there are a number of very simple (and in contrast to the regimen that you've listed), once-daily treatment combinations. You can look at the recent Department of Health and Human Services guidelines for details. Moreover, newer boosted protease inhibitors have shown the propensity to be very well tolerated and significant improvement in resistance profile, should treatment failure occur.

As to your questions, Trizivir is dosed one pill twice daily, Viread (tenofovir) is dosed 300 mg (one tablet) once daily, if you have normal kidney function. There's no real preference to dosing tenofovir in the morning or night.

Hope this helps, BY