Staphylococcus and ARS (Funnier version - Please answer)


Hi Doctor Bob. I want to say sorry because I will make my question again. I hope I do not disturb you with my problems, if it could be possible, please please read it and give me an answer.

I will write my question in a little different way, so it would be (I hope) funnier than before. I know that I am a little hypochondriac, and I also know that my question is a new and personalized version of the "Question That Never Dies", and that you would give me a "Answer That Never Changes", but PLEASE with the conviction that I am Absofrickinlutely paranoid (I will marry soon, that is why... Yes I know, I am a little bit PIG because I went to a brothel close to my wedding)!

Again, exactly like the first time, I want to congratulate you and all the other experts who work in this Website, and say sorry for my bad english.

My story started about a month and few days ago, when I had sex with a prostitute. I did a mistake because I used two condoms. At this moment I did not know that it increase the posibilities of a break in the latex (it is not a QTND). If well I did not feel a break, I am not complete sure (paranoic, but I really am not sure... the girl gave me a blow job with just one condom after the vaginal sex and I thing if the condom was broken, she could notice it, but again... I am paranoic and I cannot be sure; It is easy to notice when a condom breake???).

After two weeks I started feeling a sore throat (not too strong), nasal congestion, probably some temperature (I am not sure, maybe just a little temperature, or maybe too low temperature), muscular pain (left forearm and left calf), a day with diarrhea, a lymphatic node in my neck (just in one side), a white and hairy tongue, and red points in the tongue too. Altought my tongue is white, it is not possible to remove the white plaque, it is like hair. I have some bad taste also in my mouth. The most important thing is that I had a white point in my tonsil.

I went to the doctor and he give me antibiotics for ten days. The white point in my tonsil had gone it this time, but after I finished with the antibiotics, just two days later, it came back again.

Few days ago (29 days after the contact with the prostitute) I made a HIV-antibody and antigen (P24) test. I have got a NEGATIVE... Good God. But I went to the doctor again because the white point in my tonsil came back.

The doctor told me that I have a Staphylococcus infection, and he gave me more antibiotics.

I am WORRY because I do not know if this recurrent infection for Staphylococcus have something to do with the "Acute Retroviral Syndrome" (new and personalized version of the usual QTND).

I also do not know If I was exposed to a big risk nor if I had "safer sex" (because the two condoms). I am wondering too if I can trust (in some level) in the results of my tests (due I did a P24 test) (definitely a QTND).

The people in the laboratory told me that due my low risk and the result of the P24 I do not have to do again the antibody test after 12 weeks, because I was not exposed to a unsafe situation.

My doctor told me that he does not know something called Acute Retroviral Syndrome, that the symptoms come just after years. In my country it is allways so, that is why I really desperate for an answer from you.

Now I am really nervous. Could you please doctor talk about the Staphylococcus (not a QTND), if it has some relation with the "Acute Retroviral Syndrome", if due to my theoretical low risk I can trust in my tests (QTND)... ?

Please Please answer... (PLEASE)

Kind regards, Desperate John.


Hi Desperate John,

Staphylococcus is a bacterium, an entirely different germ than HIV (virus). No, it does not have anything to do with HIV ARS.

Regarding condom breakage, yes, most, like you, would have noticed if the condom had ruptured, as this is not a subtle occurrence. When stretched latex tears, it usually does so very dramatically. Mr. Happy comes poking out just like your head poking out of a turtleneck sweater.

Finally, your HIV test results to date are very encouraging; however, not definitive. Tests taken prior to three months are not considered to be conclusive.

John, I see no reason for you to be anxious or "paranoic" about this situation. I'm quite confident you are HIV negative and that a three-month test will definitively confirm that suspicion.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob