Squamous Cell Carcinoma after non-Hodgkin's lymphoma


I have been HIV+ for the last 17 yrs and have had full blown AIDS for ten yrs. I was treated for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma for 4 yrs and it has been in remission for 3 yrs. Now I have developed Squamous Cell Carcinoma as a result of repeated treatments for anal warts. When I was treated for the Lymphoma I became immune to 2 HAART protocols. My question is;if I am treated with radiation and chemo.

  1. will I become immune to my current HAART?

2)Since the Squamous Cell was removed by surgery and the margins were found to be clear-could I just wait and see if it reoccurs?


Sounds like you've had quite the battles with cancer. I'm glad to hear that you are in remission from the lymphoma. Your first question is easier for me to answer. The proposed treatments of radiation and chemotherapy should have little, if any, impact on your current HAART. I am presuming that your squamous cell cancer was invasive since your health providers are recommending radiation and chemotherapy. You might want to check if this is the case. If your cancer was invasive, then there is a high likelihood that it will recur. If and when it recurs, it is very difficult to treat. I would recommend that you go through the treatments. I realize that you've been dealing with HIV for 17 years and that you received chemotherapy for your lymphoma. Alot depends upon where you are in terms of your HIV disease. If you are your health provider feel that you have a decent life expectancy from your HIV disease, then you would not want it to be cut short from anal cancer.