Spread of HIV/AIDS by way of fruit


There has been word spread, as recently as todayo2/25/2015,that The Immigration Services of Algeria have recovered a shipment of oranges that came from Libya. It was,supposedly, discovered that these oranges were injected with HIV/AIDS positive blood. How likely is it that this virus could be spread in this manner? The word is spreading extremely fast, by way of social media, email, text messaging & by way of mouth. I have decided that, before I spread information that I'm clearly ignorant to, I would reach out & try to educate myself about the subject matter first. So, if someone can enhance my knowledge in this area, I would be forever grateful.


Thanks for your question,

HIV can not survive outside the human body for any period of time. Even under the best of conditions (in a laboratory), HIV can't survive for an extended period of time!

This means that HIV injected into fruit will not survive the trip to the store. It definitely would be dead by the time anyone buys them.

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