Spider or insect bites and HIV


My boyfriend who is HIV Pos feels that he is being bitten by some sort of insect, possibly a small white spider where many lived in a vine that covered his house and we removed. The bites are always on the back of the neck, leaves very small raised bumps, have occured many times, usually in bed while asleep. Weakness, tremors, blurred vision are symptoms. He has been diagoised with HIV for nearly 20 years now. We bomb and fumigate a number to times, then a few weeks pass and the bites occure again, with the same symptoms. My question is , does a person with HIV for 20 years have these adverse symptoms with spiders, or any type of insect bites???


It has been my experience that many HIV + persons have paradoxically pronounced responses to many types of insect/spider bites. I would advice evaluation by a dermatologist to better pin down the diagnosis and therefore treatment options. KH