Sorry for this question (PENIS TOUCHED TOILET)


Hi Dr. sorry to send you this question again but I couldn't find any similar question, I apologize if I haven't be able to check it properly and there is instead something similar. I did touch the toilet bowl dirty with urine from previous people with my penis. I'm worried if the urine went into my urethra or mucose. Maybe is a silly question but i'm bit worried. thanks again please give me an answer. take care Fb


Hi Fb,

No apology is required. However, your concern is a QTND (question that never dies) and has an ATNC (answer that never changes). No risk! You cannot contract HIV if your Mr. Happy touches a dirty toilet bowl soiled with poop or pee. See below.

Dr. Bob


when i go sit on any toilet public or home my penis haed is in the toilet bowl water is there any special concers in this matter signed always getting wet

Response from Dr. Frascino


Would your nickname happen to be "Hanging Chad"??? So just how long is that weapon of yours? Are we talking a trouser snake the size of an anaconda or does your "home entertainment center" have its own zip code?

Well, big boy, you are not alone in having this problem. After all there are many men of Italian descent in the world. The answer to your question, like so many others, was waiting for you and other Long John Silvers in the archives. See below.

Dr. Bob

My penis dipped on a toilet water in public Apr 21, 2008

Dear Doctor Bob, Well it's me again hehehe...yesterday i used a public toilet in a mall, the head of my penis dipped on the water in the bowl while i was sitting, is there any way that the water is HIV infected and came across of my urethra?

thank you.


Response from Dr. Frascino

Hey Ryan,

Your tallywhacker took a dip while you were seated on the porcelain throne? Just how long is that joystick of yours Ryan? Are you perchance Italian and changed your name from Angelo Testosteroni to Ryan?

As it turns out, even your "trouser-snake takes a dive" question has been asked (and answered!) before. See below. My opinion remains unchanged.

Be well. Stay well.

Dr. Bob

I bet you don't know answer to this one Bob Oct 3, 2003

Dear Dr. Bob, I am really scared. I am a college student and think I might have hiv because recently my penis touched some toilet water. I know that you cannot get hiv from casual contact like using a toilet, but I also know that the virus can survive in toilet water, even if it is only for a very short time. I am worried because now my tongue has turned white and I have slight diarreha and I have no apetite (though I don'l know if this is due to a disease as much as it is to worrying so much that I'm just not hungry). I know that transmission through toilet seats if unlikely, but is it immpossible?

Response from Dr. Frascino


You bet I don't know the answer to your question? I would not suggest you choose Las Vegas for a future vacation destination, as your ability to place a wise bet is seriously in question.

Who told you HIV can survive in toilet water? Just because you have a long schlong that took a dip in the tidy bowel does not change the fact you clearly state in your question: "You cannot get HIV from casual contact like using a toilet." That includes letting Mr. Happy take a dip in the swirling waters. In fact, it is indeed "impossible" to get HIV from toilets unless, of course, you are having unprotected sex in the cubicle! So where do I collect on the bet?

Dr. Bob

Bob, give me and the rest of us paranoids some closure Nov 13, 2003

Hey Bob,

Allright, here goes. I askes you a question before about the possibility of infection from toilet water and you told me that there was none. But now consider this, what if there were hiv infected vaginal secrections in the water? Why do I ask this seemingly stupid question!!!????BECAUSE I'M SCARED. I was told that I don't have hiv from some close family members of mine, but yet I just can't believe them because they don't know as much about it as you do. Why even worry about such a thing? Because two weeks after my penis touched some toilet water, my tongue developed a painless whitish coating towards the back ( doesn't scrape off!) and had flu symptoms. Fever, slight upset stomach, some diarrhea. I even woke up one night with a cold and sweaty forehead. This caused me much stress, especially after I seemed to lose my appetite! I then had bad headaches, an altered sense of taste and smell, and have started seeing floaters!! I then started to calm down b/c I was told that I would die from worrying my self sick. So I pretended to not think about it for a while, but it's still on my mind. Especially since I still have floaters, the tongue coating, and strange sweaty palms. I also wake up very early in the morning suddenly. Should I get tested or should I see a pschyiatrist?

Hopeful but scared.

Response from Dr. Frascino


Welcome back to the forum. My opinion on your situation has not changed the least bit. You cannot contract HIV by dipping Mr. Happy in the toilet bowl, even if there were "HIV-infected vaginal secretions in the water." By the way, how would those secretions get there? I can certainly understand a well-endowed gent might have accidentally taken a dip in the swirling waters, but vaginal secretions? I think you'd have to be a Cirque du Soleil contortionist to submerge your love tunnel in a tidy bowl.

So more testing or psychiatrist? I say, "Psychiatrist." Definitely, the psychiatrist!

Dr. Bob