Too Soon to Be Concerned About HIV Drug Resistance? (Editor's Pick)


I was diagnosed positive on March 3 2015. On April 27 my VL was 472,820 and T-cell 117 and CD4% 4.5. Genome test showed no resistance. I started Stribild q.d. My 2nd lab result VL 145 and T-cell 404! 3rd Lab result VL 100 and T-cell 285. Today my result: VL 220 and Tcell 305 (CD4% decreased from 9% to 8.7%. I have been 100% compliant taking my ART drug. I'm very concerned that I'm developing resistance too early in the game. Should I worry?


I am not concerned. You have had a fabulous response in both viral load and CD4 count. You started with a very high viral load and you are only about 3-4 months into treatment. It is very unlikely that resistance is an issue at this point, given the negative resistance test at baseline. There is no significant difference in a CD4% of 9 and 8.7% percent.