How soon can you get symptoms of HIV infection?d?


Hello Doctor,

About a month ago I engaged in what I thought was low risk activity - mutual masterbation. But my partner used saliva to lubricate my penis and seemed to concentrate on the very tip. Unfortunately, I developed a discharge/burning consistent with gonnorhea. However the test was negative. (No discharge present when the sample ws taken). Within a couple of weeks, I developed a "sick headache" which though improved has not resolved. I've also been extraordinarily tired and weak feeling. Used to run 5-6 miles a day, but now can't seem to get beyond 2. A couple of days ago, I also noted thick, white splotches that I can scrape off the back of my tongue leaving raw-looking areas. To me this all sounds like I've got hiv, but I wouldn't have thought any of these things could have taken hold so quickly. Your thoughts, if you wouldn't mind. Thanks...


People who have acquired HIV usually begin to have symptoms of infection about 10 days after the infecting episode. It is possible for people with acute HIV to develop oral thrush, which is what those white plaques might be. Please get tested ASAP-- the sooner you know whether you are HIV+, the sooner you can do things to protect yourself and improve your health. There are data that suggest that if you get treated very early, then you may have the best chance of preserving a normal immune system. Good luck!