I am a young 23yr female. 5 months ago I got really sick fever, very low heart rate, throwing up, and my lymph nods got swollen under my ears, back of my neck, and very small ones around the groin area. While in the hospital for 9 days I was tested for HIV the antibodies test came back positive but the confirmation came back negative (false positive). Its now the end of august and my lymph nods are still swollen hurting on occasion, with no other symptoms. I still am positive for antibodies but nothing else has came back positive. I am bugging out really bad. I have a scheduled appt. for a biopsy of the lymph nods but I was hoping somebody can give me some kind of wisdom. My boyfriend that ive been having unprotected sex with for the past 4 months came out with a false HIV antibody test 2 weeks ago. Can he still be at risk of having HIV? Its been over 3 months since we started having unprotected sex and over 6months since I could have contracted HIV from my last relationship. I'm scared to death!!



Unfortunately, it's difficult to respond specifically to your question, because I do not understand what you mean by "confirmation came back negative." Was this a Western Blot test run as a follow-up to a repeatedly negative ELISA? Or perhaps it was a PCR DNA performed to help elucidate confusing serologic tests? Also, I don't understand what you mean when you say your boyfriend "came out with a false HIV antibody test 2 weeks ago." Do you mean false-positive test? Or perhaps you meant negative instead of false.

At any rate, if your HIV tests and symptoms are confusing, see an HIV specialist. He should be able to sort out your HIV serostatus quickly by running the appropriate follow-up tests.

Finally, I must point out all of this confusion could have been eliminated if you and your boyfriend had used protection. As you can now clearly see unsafe sex is not worth the risk!!!

Dr. Bob