Something infectious..I'm positive theirs something wrong with me


I know you state how none of the people in you're I'm positive I'm positive section have ever turned out to be HIV positive. Their's always gotta be a first for something.

Not long after I had a risky random exposure exposure I became severely ill, diarrhea, loss of appetite, fever, bruises for no reason on my thighs I also bruised alot when I gave blood early on post exposure, pain in my neck lymph nodes as well as swollen neck lymph nodes, extreme fatigue, pins and needles in the soles of my feet, a rash on my arms, torso, upper back and chest to name a few of the symptoms.I also got at least half a dozen cold sores in the first two to three weeks post exposure. I have a skin condition called seborrhea on my nasal folds it got extremely inflammed to the point I had to put fusidic ointment to lessen the irritation and eventually going on doxycycline kedoderm wasn't helping. I also have Oral hairy leukoplakia naturally which my dermatologist diagnosed and it got significantly worse soon after my exposure, it slowly improved over many weeks.

My exposure was four months ago. I know symptoms can be subjective and yadda yadda but I truely know my body. I'm still experiencing a drastic loss in appetite, excessive fatigue at times, neurological symptoms, a bit of diarrhea at times and loose stools night sweats, swollen neck lymph nodes(which my GP diagnosed)

I was tested for HIV at 2,4,6,9 and 13 weeks post exposure with all of the tests coming back negative.

I know often with doctors when they don't understand the reason for symptoms or someone feeling a certain way they suspect anxiety. These symptoms are causing me to be anxious not the other way around.

I had elevated White blood cell counts at 2,9,and 10(no other CBC's in between) weeks post exposure specifically my neutrophils were elevated. My one doctor told me it's something infectious which is pretty obvious.

Where I live the guidelines are to get tested up until six months post exposure, as tests at 3 months post exposure will only pick up 97% of infections.

I know their are very few absolutes or guarantees in medicine. With all that said I'm going to get tested again.

Is their any other infectious disease that seems suspicious other than HIV? I don't want to be sick if I have HIV I might just kill myself I don't want to be a burden on my loved ones or on the health care system just so I can suffer. Not knowing what's causing me to be ill is very frustrating.



I'm not denying you (or anyone else) has real symptoms. I'm merely informing you (and others) that a negative HIV-antibody test (or lots and lots of negative HIV-antibody tests) outside the window period (defined as the first three months after exposure) trumps symptoms each and every time. In other words something other than HIV is causing your (and their) symptoms. Continuing to perseverate on a disease you (and others) could not possibly have is counterproductive.

I cannot diagnose the cause of your symptoms over the Internet, as I do not have access to your complete medical file, all your laboratory tests, a thorough medical history and the benefit of a physical examination. What I can do is advise you that HIV is not the cause of your ailments! I can also add this post to the "I'm Positive I'm Positive" chapter with absolute confidence that you will not "be the first"!

Good luck.

Dr. Bob