Someone grabbed me and left blood on my hand please help


I was leaving a night club and there was a very drunk homeless type man outside. He was bleeding from the face. Looked like he had been in a fight and he grabbed my hand while I walked past. He left blood on my hand but I had a small cut in side of my hand. Not sure if the blood touched. Been told that my risk is of HIV exposure is tiny. About a 1000-1 but am still concerned. Is this a realistic figure or am I at greater risk. I washed the blood of after maybe 3 minutes with soap and water. If it did touch the small cut which was not bleeding but was recent would it still be 1000-1. Thanks for any advice.


Hello there- While I can't give you an exact figure of your likelihood of transmission I agree that your risk is very very very very small (probably >than the 1/1000 you were quoted). I am not sure when the exposure occurred but would suggest testing to alleviate your fears. The standard for HIV tests, whether oral swab or blood are very accurate at 28 days, and conclusive at 90 days. Take care, LHW