Someone else used my sex toy without my Knowledge??!!


Hey Doctor Bob. First you are a great man for giving advice and guidance to everyone who needs it. Its truly remarkable.

I recently went abroad for a few days and took my anal sex toy with me. I used it three times, washed it after each use, and used plenty of lube. After the first time I used it I developed a nasty rash on my thumb, arm and leg which may well have been due to insect bites or another cause.. Thereafter I felt a diarrhoea like pain in my stomach on and off although not to the extent where I had to visit the toilet regularly. In fact each time I used the toilet, there was no actual diarrhoea, only pain in my stomach. I passed waste normally.

I got a little worried as these are symptoms for initial H.I.V infection. To compound my fears, one of the hotel cleaners came into my hotel room once whilst I was dozing. I then began to think that he might have visited my hotel room previously and 'tampered' with my sex toy. I know it sounds paranoid and crazy, but I am terrified that this could have happened. Each time I used my toy I used it about two hours after coming back to my hotel room, rinsed the toy briefly and then washed it more throughly after use. I put it in a bag with another toy in a drawer so it was in a closed environment most of the time. As the virus is not really exposed to air, I keep thinking it is possible that the virus could still breed in this sort of atmosphere...

I guess what I am asking is if its possible that the virus survived in the closed environment and got into my body assuming that the toy had been tampered with. I should have washed the toy more throughly before use or better yet used a condom, but the idea that someone else has been messing around with my sex toy has really freaked me out. Since I have got back, I have still a pain in my stomach after I eat, though it doesn't force me to go the toilet and I am passing waste regularly as normal. I have also developed a mild sore throat...Please help me doc as I am freaking out so badly and am sure that something is wrong.

Thank you very much for your help Doctor Bob and I hope you respond soon and give me some news, good or bad..



Let me get this straight. You are worried that a hotel maid or room service attendant might have come into your hotel room, opened your drawer, found a bag, opened it, found your butt plug and immediately decided to plug themselves with it??? Hmmm . . . now exactly what kind of hotel were you staying in???

Yep, it all "sounds paranoid and crazy" to me, too.

HIV risk? None.

Paranoia risk? Off the charts.

I suggest you seek counseling. You do have a problem; it's just not HIV.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob