Dear Doctors, Thanks so much for all the woderful info. My queations are the following:

I've been taling Atripla since Oct 31, 09. Doing well, little to no side effects. insomnia and anxiety are getting better. Its been hard for me to adjust because I've always eaten a late dinner. I've been taking the Atripla between 8-9:30 on an empty stomach. I find I get very hungry around 10-11pm. Is it ok to snack after taking if I wait two hours, sometimes its a light snack but nothing bigger than a sandwitch. Will this affect the way Atripla is working for me? Although my numbers were low, my first labs were good and all numbers were going in the right direction. Cd4 40 to 65 and VL 65,000 to 160. I don't want to jepordize the way the medicine is working.

and two, if it says bedtime, and I don't really have a bedtime schedule (between 12-2)can I take it right before I get in bed? maybe it would keep me from snacking, and we all know its not good to eat that late anyway. Thank you and look forward to your reply.

A worried Mess.


Hello Worried and thanks for your post.

If your already tolerating your Atripla well, there's no real reason why you couldn't snack (or eat a meal) near your medication dose.

You won't jeopardize the potency of the Atripla with food, only potentially increase the absorption of the medication-- leading perhaps to an increase in the efavirenz side effects.

As for the timing, you can take it anytime in the evening, after dinner, after Leno or right before bed.

Be well, BY