Smoking a Cig with someone who has hepatitis B or C


I just fount out that a friend has hepatitis C. We shared a cigerette and the next day she told me that she has it. Is it possible to catch it if she has hepatitis C OR B. I know she said she has C, but reading up on it hepatitis B scares me as well. I know regardless im not going to share one again, with anyone. But still i cant find a answer to hepatitis B cause there are so many opinions. I have had my hepatitis shots when i was younger, but if there is a chance i could have it from sharing a cigg with her i want to go get checked out. I also want to be sure to let her know as well cause she doesnt have alot of information on hepatitis since she was just recently diagnoised. Thank you


The main recommendation for HBV prevention is that chronically infected patients should not share personal items that may have blood on them like razors or toothbrushes...Sharing a cigarette would not be on my list of risk events.

Both HBV and HCV can be spread through injection drug use and sex. However, the risk for acquiring HCV through IDU is higher than for HBV; in contrast, the risk of acquiring HBV through sex is higher than for HCV. The main reason that HCV is more likely through injection drug use than HBV is that there are many more IDU with chronic HCV than chronic HBV in the US.

You can find out if your hepatitis B vaccine is still protective by getting a simple blood test for surface antibody testing.