i smelled hiv charged farts... help!


there wasnt any odor, but i know i inhaled them, i know inhalation is a route of medicine administration, so it does gets to your bloodstream, the other reason is that i have a weak immmune system so that increases my chances of contracting the virus, (i have a masters of public health) i dont want to wait 3 months, is PCR recommended? thanks wonderful dr. bobby... Linda


Hi Linda,

You have a master's degree in public health and you're worried that you may have contracted HIV because you smelled odorless HIV-charged farts????? Tell me Linda, where did you get that public health master's diploma? EBay perhaps???

Linda, let's you and I think this through, OK? If HIV were transmitted by airborne farts, wouldn't everyone who has dinner in a Mexican restaurant be infected? I mean come on; those refried beans can generate enough combustible gas to launch the space shuttle, right?

So relax Linda. HIV is not transmitted via farts, fragrant or otherwise.

Dr. Bob