Slow Healing of Wound


I'm taking Lamivudine+Zidovudine+Nevirapene for 4 years and replaced Zidovudine to Tenofovir 6 months ago due to lipodistrophy on my legs. My CD4 count has remained consistent at 411+ lately. 2 weeks ago I accidentally cut my hands underneath my right small finger with a glass. I managed to apply betadine and wound has closed though I believe the cut inside's still healing. Last week the area has swollen so bad and I can't move my right finger anymore. Was advised to take Sultamicillin 750 mg and anti-flammatory each 2x a day. There's a very slow progress of healing after almost week of taking antibiotics. My doctor said this is because our CD4 count isn't as normal as the HIV neg. Is this true? How come the wound has swollen only after a week? Does my being positive status got to do with slow progress of wound healing? I don't have any diabetes condition. Will appreciate your valuable opinion.

Thanks so much. Dave of Philippines


Generally HIV+ persons heal pretty well in my experience. Finger infections can be slow healing even in the general population if there is lots of swelling which can make it difficult even for properly chosen (based on culture and exam results)antibiotics to reach the area and penetrate into the tissues. Close follow-up is important and sometimes surgical intervention is needed if swelling is severe enough. KH