Sleep Apnea + HIV


Hello Dr. Frascino

I tested positive for HIV in 2002. I'm not sure if I was positive before this time or not.

I am currently not on Meds, my last Test Results were VL: 33900 (slowly increasing trend) CD4: 515 (slowly decreasing trend)CD4:CD8: 0.22 (slowly decreasing trend).

I have also been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea. I had an ENT diagnose me with an obstructive airpath (large tonsils) and UPPP. Insurance is giving me a hard time about not using a CPAP machine first, but I would like this situation to be fixed and not have to sleep with a air pump on my face.

Do I have anything to worry about as far as the surgury and being HIV+?

There is a new procedure that I've been looking into that uses Radio frequency to tighten the palate and shrink the Uvula. I'm thinking of going that route in addition to the tonsilectomy, if my insurance will cover the surgury.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.



Being HIV positive should not affect any plans for surgical interventions to treat your sleep apnea problem. Your HIV specialist and ENT physician should be helpful in dealing with your insurance company, if surgery is warranted. Your HIV-positive status should in no way prevent or alter plans for appropriate treatment, including surgery, to optimally treat your problem.

Good luck!

Dr. Bob