Skin signs of HIV/AIDS?


So I've always had skin issues. At a young age I was diagnosed with Psoriasis and Keratosis pilaris, both of which have gotten better with age. About 8 years ago, I had unprotected sex with someone who's status I don't know. I don't recall getting sick after our few incounters. But last year at the age of 27, my dermatologist diagnosed me with rosacea (which my father has) and seborrheic dermatitis. When I started researching about both I found that seborrheic dermatitis is associated with HIV. Then, not long after, I got ringworm on my face, or what I was told was ringworm. A year later I now live on a different country and colder climate, I now have eczema. Are my skin conditions related to HIV? I've never had an HIV test, although my husband is tested every year, and we've been together for 6 years now. So...are my skin conditions signs of HIV, or bad genetics?


Hello there- I would guess that your skin conditions are completely unrelated but I would certainly encourage you to get an HIV test if you have never had one. Since your husband tests yearly, perhaps he can come with you for support if you need it. Take care, LHW