skin infection


Just wanted to say what you're doing here is great. And I have a question: I have recently diagnosed with ringworm (tinea) on my body. It started out as small rash that I never got looked at, and over the past few months it has spread to the point that I need an oral antibiotic for it. It has just been brought to my attention that skin infections are a sign of HIV infection. While I haven't had unprotected sex, I have participated in somewhat risky behaviors. My question I guess would be is ringworm a sign of early HIV infection? I plan on getting tested soon, but I'm very anxious about my skin infection. Thanks a lot!


HIV+s are prone to skin problems, but lots of HIV-s have skin problems, too. Tinea is not the same thing as ringworm, and neither is a sign of early HIV infection. But if you're concerned about your HIV status, then by all means get tested.