Skin cracks from eczema and HIV in the public restroom


Dear Doctor, I'd like to ask the direct&short questions. Please help me. I've many skin crack and open cuts on hands and fingers (they were not heal yet at that time). I use the the hotel lobby restroom on August29,2010 and accidentally drop my phone in the toilet bowl. I use my hands pick it up directly from the toilet bowl water, I tried to wash my hands in a minute later ( I usually flush the toilet first but this time I did not). I'm so concerned that if I would infected with the HIV from toilet bowl water? I've more new skin cracks right now and I'm so worry about to contact and taking care of my children (they're3&5 years old) I've the intercourse with my husband 3 times in this past two weeks and he did not use the condom. What should I do? How could I find out that it's safe? Should I have the HIV test ? Please help advice please. Appreciated ~ Worry Mother


Hello Worry Mother,

I like to ask direct short questions as well. What call was so important that you needed to be on your cell phone while peeing and pooping in the hotel lobby restroom???

Even with eczema-indued skin cracks, the HIV risk of diving into the unflushed tidy bowel to rescue your iPhone is nonexistent.

Dr. Bob