hello sirs, in Decemeber my sister's cd4 became 87, cd8 821 and percentage 10.5. This is lower than what it had been a year ago when the percentage was 16.In late february the CD4 became 93 and CD8 845 percentage being 11. What do you make of this? Is resistance going on? There has been some accumulation of fat on her back and in the belly too.


Hello and thank you for your post.

Where does your sister live? Because you've not mentioned a viral load test, I'd guess that she lives outside of the US or Europe.

I'll assume that your sister is taking combination treatment for HIV; if so, I'd expect that her CD4 absolute count and CD4 percentage should increase over time. Is she currently adherent to her HIV medications? Does she have other active issues? The differences between her values in December and February are probably not significant, but a drop from a CD4% of 16 over a year is concerning to me.

Are viral load tests available?

In the absence of viral load tests, a repeat CD4 in 2-3 months would be in order. Otherwise, a viral load test should be run- if her viral load is detectable, this would be suggestive of resistance.

I hope this is a helpful start. Please feel free to write back with follow up or other questions.