Sir My bump size 16 mm is Rick or no place guide me thank


Hello and thanks for posting.

Your skin test (PPD) indicates that you have been exposed to the bacteria (also called bacillus) that causes tuberculosis. The test does not necessarily mean that you have tuberculosis disease.

Individuals with positive PPD tests may be eligible for medicine to prevent TB- called isoniazid (or INH) preventive therapy (IPT). The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends the following:

"In resource-constrained settings with high TB incidence and transmission, adults and adolescents living with HIV, who have an unknown or positive tuberculin skin test (TST) status and among whom active TB disease has been safely ruled out, should receive at least 36 months of IPT. IPT should be given to such individuals regardless of whether or not they are receiving ART. IPT should also be given irrespective of the degree of immunosuppression, history of previous TB treatment, and pregnancy."

I hope that this is helpful, BY