Dr. Bob I'm a 50 yr. old female that was diagnose a year ago. My count was 127 but last check in Dec. went to 336. Have schedule appt. with doctor. My problem is my sinus. I can be breathing fine and if I bend over all of a sudden green drainage comes out. It smells awful like old medicine cabinet, however after it comes out of me it doesn't have an odor??? Confused...Anyway I started drinking coke twice a week and I'm having headaches. One night I stayed up late working on the computer and the next day it felt like I had the flu. Body started it hurts in my chest if I cough even though there isn't any muscus there and when I walk. I rest a couple of days and it felt much better. But how can I get rid of this crazy drainage. Do I really have to go on antibiotics for the 100th time. I can't risk getting sinus surgery again because I sing for a living.



I would suggest you see an HIV-knowledgeable ENT (ear, nose and throat) specialist. Your HIV specialist should be able to recommend someone in your area. Antibiotics may or may not be warranted. A limited sinus CT scan may be useful in determining if you have developed a chronic sinusitis problem. As it turns out HIV disease predisposes us to sinus problems, including infectious sinusitis. Your next step should be a thorough evaluation by an ENT physician.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob