sick after 5 years of possible exposure! cd4 & cd8 counts?


Hello Doctor Frascinio,

I need your professional input: 5 years ago I was in a 6 month relationship with a man from Ghana, Africa - it was unprotected the whole time. Towards the end of our relationship i started to get weird symptoms that made me quite ill. i went to go get tested and it came back negative. i asked my partner to go and he refused. i broke the relationship off. i also found out that he was having unprotected sex with alot of women while seeing me. my doctor was quite concerned and tested my cd4 & cd8 counts and this is what they were:

cd4 absolute: 519 cd4 percentage: 47% cd8 absolute: 235 cd8 percentage: 22% cd4/cd8 ratio: 2.12

my doctor kept testing me every 6 months for hiv and it kept coming back negative. the five years that went by i felt generally well just had alot of strange infections (like constant yeast infections) On nov.24/08 (5 years since possible expsoure) i got really sick - cold sweating at night, fever, unexplained weight loss, rashes, diearhha, etc. and still am today. the doctors did another hiv test - neagative again they also did my cd4 & cd8 counts:

cd4 absolute: 651 cd4 percentage: 49% cd8 absolute: 295 cd8 percentage: 22% cd4/cd8 ratio: 2.21

my questions are: -is it possible that i have a different hiv strain that is undectable (from afica possibly?) by canadian testing? -or could i just be a person that tests negative for some reason?? -i'm worried about my cd4/cd8 numbers - they aren't the healthiest?? my cd4 seems pretty low for a hiv 'negative' woman?

i've gotten married recently and i'm very concerned about my husband as well - he is feeling quite unwell too. we have been together for 4 years.

i'm very grateful that i'm able to ask an expert like yourself these questions. i look forward to hearing your response!

from scared

ps i will make a donation as well.



Frascinio?? Who's he?

Responding to your specific questions:

  1. Because your partner was from Ghana, you should be tested for HIV-2 if this has not already been done. HIV-2 is endemic in West Africa.

  2. You would not have "false negative" test results repeatedly. You've been tested every six months!

  1. Your CD4 and CD8 numbers are normal.

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If your HIV-2 is also negative, you should rest assured that whatever is causing your symptoms, one thing would be certain: HIV would not be the cause. If your doctor cannot identify the cause of your ailments, consider getting a second opinion.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob