Is shoulder, arm and hand numbness/tingling the beginnins of "buffalo hump"?


I am 54 yr old male, HIV pos w/lipoatrophy, clinical depression and neuropathy. My viral load is undetectable and counts are good. I have continual numbness in my left shoulder, arm and hand. Sometimes headaches at night. Is this the beginnings of the buffalo hump, too? I already have facial wasting, veinous legs and belly fat. I try and eat healthy and normally, and do not drink alcohol or take non-prescribed drugs of any kind. Thank you for your help if possible! Charlie


Hi Charlie It certainly doesn't sound like a bufflo hump. It sounds more like a problem in your neck that is leading to pressure on a nerve. I would sggest seeing your regular doctor and arranging nd Xray and perhaps a MRI of the neck to chack for problems. He may then refer you to a neurologist or get some massage or physiotherapy to deal with the problem. It doesn't sound like HIV related things, more likely a bit of wear and tear in the neck bones Best Wishes Graeme Moyle