shortest time period for std signs to appear


had protected vaginal and protcted oral sex and then received a handjob without the condom.the handjob felt painfull and rough. about 14 hours later saw 2 red abrasion lines on foreskin. 2 days later i started to urinate frequently every 10 min. also feel a tingeling feeling in penis. its now 4 days and still same symptoms but urinating a little bit less. it doesnt burn when i urinate and and urine is clear. does this sound like a std and how long is the shortest period for symptoms to start. thanks


Thanks for your question,

First off, it's always better to have someone examine you in person to get absolutely sure what's going on with your body.

That being said, everything you're describing doesn't sound like a STD. Instead it sounds like whoever gave you a handjob hurt your foreskin. Remember, that's a pretty sensitive part of the penis, so it'd make sense that a rough handjob would hurt your skin.

Also, sometimes when we're curious about STD risk, we can see "new" things happening that aren't really new at all.. we're just paying attention for the first time. I'm talking about the urinating frequently you're describing. I say this just so you're aware, but by all means talk with a doctor about this too if it feels out of the ordinary..

Hope this helps!