Shit scared!


Excuse my language Doc , but it's how i'm feeling at the moment. My three month test is due next week. You prob won't remember me , my partner tested pos in July and I negative after 5 weeks since last exposure. Well I have been on a rollercoaster of e motions... felt every symptom possible to get... with every doctor telling me that my glands are not swollen and that I am suffering from anxiety. My aprtner has been really brave, is shaping up fine at the moment and we had a fab holiday for two weeks in California, Really love Palm springs and San Fran - fab places!

So my simple question is..... how can I get myself psyched for this test and what do I do if I am I will feel really strange as I will want to woo hoo as you guys put it but feel I can't because my partner will obviously be feeling why him and not me. And if i'm pos how do I come to terms with that?

Test next Monday result Tuesday.

I have read this forum daily ... u r the dogs bollocks doctor Bob xx



I'm the dog's bullocks? Hmmm . . . what the hell is that? Could it be you think I'm the "pooch's privates" or perhaps even the "mutt's nuts????"

I would suggest you confront one challenge at a time and stop trying to play out all the "what ifs!" At this point you know your lover is positive. Even though he is "shaping up fine at the moment," he still needs your love and support. Next, your three-month test is due next week. Your five-week test was negative, which is encouraging. Everyone, including me and your lover, is hoping your three-month test remains negative. Certainly any celebration is tempered by the reality of the situation. Communication is key. Talk to your partner now. Agree to support each other no matter what the future brings. Magnetic couple or both pozitoid, you're still a couple. Pretending not to feel relieved about good news would be dishonest. That I'm positive doesn't keep me from WOO-HOOing every time I hear someone else is negative.

Yes, Palm Springs and San Francisco are "fab" places. Does anyone really use the word "fab" anymore?

I'll await your test results and send you my best good-luck karma, O.K.? Whatever the result, I'll be here if you need me. I shouldn't be hard to find, as apparently my forum sticks out like dog's balls.

Dr. Bob