shingles vs herpes?


I asked ou a question regarding a burning on Feb 25th. You said it might be hsv or vzv , since that episode i have not had any eruptions, nbut eould like to know whether i could possibly have herpes simplex I or simplex II. would it be genital or oral herpes on my lower thigh. the burning sensation is gone , but i concerned about transmitting it to anybody else. Also, why would the symptoms be so mild and no eruptions? as far as i know he did not have any active blisters ,but i caught it anyway. Thank you kindly,


I was making a best guess based on your symptoms. It is quite unusual for either HSV (herpes) or VZV (shingles) to fail to cause eruptions unless an appropriate antiherpes drug was started quickly. Herpes 1 & 2 can be most easily distinguished by blood (antibody) test. Although HSV 1 is usually in or near the mouth and 2 is in the genital area, it is possible for them to be switched around. We don't know what it was that you really "caught".