For ten years I have had bouts of severe pain on my torso,followed by a rash.Doctors said it was shingles others said the rash is not relative to shingles.I have had it about twenty five times over ten years and it occurs on both sides.when the pain occurs it is sudden and like an electric shock followed by severe pain.I for a while could not move my arms outwards due to severe pain.The last instance was my lower back ,again I sat down,electric shock sensation followed by crippling pain could not walk fo four days.When the rash appears which covered the bottom of my back and buttocks on the other side.the doctor came and said the rash although very widespread did not look like shingles what is it.Please help me I have to see an neurologist.Thanks


Shingles usually occurs on only one side of the body, and does not cross the midline on either the front or bacl of your body. Sometimes, shingles can be "disseminated", meaning it appears all over the body instead of in a more limited area on one side. What you are describing doesn't sousnd like shingles to me, but without seeing it, I can't tell you what it is. I think you'd be better off seeing a dermatologist than a neurologist for this.