shingle and travel to oversea


dear drs, i'm now currently having shingle over my neck and it's getting better now but i'm traveling oversea this thrusday,is that ok? will i die for this? ( i know i won't but still very worry...will this desease come back after recovery?) why is the pox don't go down as quick as coming out? how long will it recover?

thanks a lot.....


Shingles (or reactivation of zoster) is rarely life threatening; for the most part, the biggest issue is pain control.

Like many things, healing takes longer than the initial appearance of symptoms; this is certainly the case for shingles. I'd expect things to heal over the course of a week or so from now.

I'd make sure to contact your doctor about your current symptoms, but based on what you've described (symptoms improving), I'd see little reason why you couldn't embark on your trip.

Safe travels, BY