Dear Drs, i had shingle few weeks ago and i think it's getting better,however,today i can feel that the other side of my neck and head is having the same symptom and i am so scare that it will come back again,please help....should i go to my dr and get some medicine in advance? and also,for a person to get shingle,would you know how much is their cd4? does that mean i will have to start meds soon? (1-3months later?) would you know what other desease that i will most probably get??

thank you very much~~~


Thanks for your post.

Yes, shingles (herpes zoster) can reoccur-- your symptoms should prompt contacting your doctor.

Early intervention with zoster medication should decrease both the severity and duration of shingles symptoms, but needs to be started early after the onset of symptoms.

Shingles can happen to persons with any CD4 count, but the frequency or severity of outbreaks can be more severe among persons with lower CD4s. If your having back-to-back shingles, especially if your CD4 count is below normal, it might be worth discussing the possibility of starting on meds (this doesn't have to happen immediately).

I hope this helps. BY