Sharp object transmission?


One of my friends is HIV+. He cut himself on the sharp metal edge of an old desk. Later on ( I am not sure of how much time passed in between) another friend of mine cut himself on the same sharp edge as my friend with HIV. In both cases, both of my friends cut themselves enough to bleed a little. In between these two people getting cut, I covered the sharp edge with cheap dollar store hand sanitizer. Does my friend who got cut with the same sharp edge that cut my HIV+ friend have anything to worry about? Is it possible to be infected this way? This issue is very straining on me b/c I feel that I should have removed the old desk. Please help!! Thanks.


Thanks for your question,

There is no risk from this situation. That's because too much time passed and the edge of the desk was not covered in blood. Also, it sounds like you made some efforts to clean the edge of the desk. The hand sanitizer wouldn't kill the HIV itself but if you wiped the edge any fluid on the metal (it doesn't really sound like there was any from the shallow cuts your friends got), then you wiped away any HIV.

Hope this helps!