Sharon, please save a soul



I literally dying of anxiety.

About 6 weeks ago, I was sexually involved with a lady. Prior to that, I had been a 100% faithful to my wife The sexual activity involved the following: - sucking the lady's nipple for like 5 minutes - inserting my finger into her for like 5 minutes and - she sucking my penis for like 3 minutes, rubbing the tips of her tongue on the head of my pennis Exactly a week after the incident, I developed a mild headache and sore throat that lasted for a week and a pain on my elbow. I got very worried and started searching for this lady. I got the lady about 4 weeks ago (precisely 20 after the encounter) and had her tested, she was negative, but admitted to having numerous sexual partners and having unprotected sex with them Last week, I started feeling some pains on my scrotal balls (both). I am worried sick, I don't know if I have been infected with the virus. I have not been able to have sex with my wife since then. Please advice. Thanks


HI I have answered your question several times and my answer will not change.

Be well and stay safe, Shannon