Sharing food/blood in saliva?


Hi Dr. Bob,

You rock! My best friend has recently been diagnosed as HIV+ and is really doing ok. I'm still digesting this news, but am ok now, too. I have kept the news to myself because it's really no one's business but my friend's. For myself, I decided to tell my Mom who lives far away--it helps to try saying it aloud and she's usually really great and supportive. Well, being a dental hygienist who has HIV+ patients, she FLIPPED OUT about the idea of us sharing food or utensils. We are both chefs and always share everything we order--it's our thing. Anyway, I have done so much research since I learned his news and KNOW that transmission is impossible, but her concerns were blood in the saliva and the fact that food is often body temperature. I know I can't contract it this way, but can you address this? I really want to hear it from you that we can share food as long as neither of us has bleeding gums, sores, or a bitten lip. She is making this harder on me and I really need to hear it from you. Can you clarify the risk, if any, and any advice on dealing with a crazy, but caring Mom? Thanks so much Dr. Bob!!


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