Sorry for disturbing you for once more!! I am 43 yr old male and I am doing a check up every year. It was always ok, until yesterday that the SGOT and SGPT level were high: SGPT=71(37) and SGOT=137(23) the GGT value was 54(50).Other levels were GLU 94(106), CHOL 180(191), CREA=0.9(1.0), ALP=69(85),CRP=0.5(--), BUN=29,(28). In brackets you may see the values of last year. I repeated the tests and I had some more after two weeks (2 Oct.). I got the following results: ALT=85, AST=180, GGT=50, HBsAg=0.94 S/N (negative), CORE=2.044 S/CO (negative)and HCV_3=0.42 S/CO(nonreactive). I do not take any drugs or medicines and I usually have one or two drinks in the evenings (I stopped it for the last two weeks, since I got the results of the first series of tests -- I am a Uni Prof.) Lately I started going to the gym. I feel uncomfortable with these values and I would like to have your opinion again if possible, taking into account the last test results. Thank you in any case Regards from Athens Greece -- afraiscared


Stopping drinking was certainly a smart idea. You should stay off of alcohol and recheck the blood in about 6-8 weeks. If it was the alcohol, it can take a long time to get better. You may want to check the hepatitis markers again then as well. Good luck! DTD